This article is brought to you courtesy of Ron and Barb Raines - Club Fit - FITNESS INSIDER

BROUGHT TO YOU BY RON AND BARB RAINES - CLUB FIT - FITNESS INSIDER- - Brought to you by Ron and Barb Raines - Club Fit - FITNESS INSIDER- As we move away from the structure of the school year and Oregon winter, it seems the gears change and so do our workout habits.

The biggest piece of advice I give to my clients this time of year is "Keep working out."

Look, you've come all this way during the winter, so don't stop now. A good bout of exercise takes one hour, the average American spends two-to-three hours per day on their cellphones. So "I don't have enough time" is just an excuse -- make time!

Daylight is starting earlier and lasting later, which frees up even more time to exercise -- no excuses! Stay committed and give yourself one hour a day for continued health. The rewards will far outweigh that hour on social media.

For the summer we have all the staple programs running including CORE-Fit, Class-Pack, Personal Training, as well as summer memberships for students, travelers and guests.

Schools out and we offer student plans to fit your summer.

Club Fit is the only place in town for students and we love students!

Club Fit offers flexible plans from one week up to four months all designed around crazy student schedules. For example a three-month student plan costs only $99. Add one extra month for only $10. Renewing students save an extra $10 on the three-month program.

Join Club Fit for the summer to get and stay fit! For more information, visit or call 503-266-6166. Join our newsletter and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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