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Ron and Barb Raines, of Club Fit

The Clackamas County Fair is approaching as are many other festivals, music events and camping, so how do you get through these events without completely blowing your diet and exercise routine? It's human behavior to throw caution to the wind and let yourself go crazy at these types of events.

Oh no! Here are my top tips for keeping yourself in check: Eat a good sturdy breakfast or lunch before you hit the festival; pack water bottles and snacks such as raw veggies, grapes, apples and sandwiches in a backpack; no deep-fried food!

Try these: water, big burrito with half beans and cheese, corn on the cobb, local ice cream, strawberry shortcake, chicken dinner, cheeseburger and local wine and beer (one glass). Not these: elephant ears, French fries, onion bloom, cotton candy, popcorn, pizza, corn dog, candy, soda, snow cones, s'mores, hotdogs and chips. Willpower! You can do it!

When camping, plan meals ahead of time and stick to the plan. Get out of the camp chair and hike, swim, bike ride or go fishing. Get on your feet.

When on the road don't eat fast food – pack travel food in a small car cooler. Sunscreen and water are vital to your health anytime you are having fun outside.

On the days you're home – keep it clean and get into the gym.

See you at the fair!

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