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Ron and Barb Raines

There are a lot of fad diets that promise fast results, but the problem is, they are just about impossible to stick with, are boring and don't really teach you how to eat right.

So what is right way to eat?

Begin with calories in versus calories out – use more calories than you eat. You can cut calories, increase activity or for best results, both!

Next, balance your protein, carbs and fats. My recommendation? - Go in thirds!   

1/3 of your daily intake should be lean protein like chicken, fish or eggs. 

1/3 should be complex carbohydrates that have a low glycemic index and are full of fiber such as any green or dark orange, yellow or red veggies, apples, pears, melon, berries and high fiber grains such as brown rice, nuts & seeds.   Stay away from high starch white potatoes, white rice, bread and high sugar fruits such as grapes & bananas.   

1/3 should be healthy fats that include olive oil, coconut oil, fish oil & nut oils. 

Have you noticed there isn't any dairy or sugar here?  Once humans are past infancy, milk products are very hard to digest. Dairy products contribute to weight gain and poor digestion and a lot of people are allergic or intolerant as well. Sugar is addictive, just say no.

Change your calorie intake and your exercise outgo and you will notice more energy, weight loss, reduced inflammation and bloating, better digestion, better sleep - a younger you! 

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