This article brought to you courtesy of Ron and Barb Raines, owners of Club Fit, Canby Herald Fitness Experts.

Ron and Barb Raines

Now that you've gotten started with your own, give those you love the gift of fitness this holiday season. There are so many great ways to make fitness a family affair and share the joy of a better quality of life. 

Give a gift certificate to a friend who already exercises at the gym and help them extend their time

Buddy up with a friend and gift them your time, exercise together it's fun and you'll hold each other accountable

Fitness trackers are a great gift for the tech buff, they count steps, track calories & metabolism

Get you and your sweetie a membership and commit 5 hours a week to "couple" gym time

Personal training is a great gift for helping someone forward and over the hump

Massage is another great gift!  How about a package of personal training and massage… Wow!

Don't forget about the dog!  A new leash, a pocket full of treats and off you go! Your dog will love it and, best of all, once you get started walking him, Fido will never let you off the hook again!  You'll find yourself spelling the word "walk" and even then they'll figure it out!

WE live in OREGON, no excuses.  Get a good rain coat, umbrella and hit the path – you'll be surprised just how good it feels, like a spa treatment

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