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Matt Stutes, CFP

With the longest government shutdown in U.S. history

currently under way and millions of Americans being impacted in one way or another, now is a great time to do a quick financial health check. By doing this, it may help you better prepare for those unforeseen emergencies.

Track your Expenses Now

Write down all of your monthly expenses to figure out what you are spending on and how much you are spending each month. This will help you understand where your money is going and any areas you may be able to cut back on.

Future Cuts

What can you cut in the future? Make a list of key expenses

and another of expenses that are more discretionary. Your

discretionary expenses are those you can cut back on or eliminate in times of emergency.

Auto Pay?

Auto pay for bills is a great service to make sure that we

always pay on time. However it is easy to forget what is currently on auto pay. Check your auto pay for any old subscriptions you no longer use but are still paying for.

The Risks of Tapping Into Retirement

Using your retirement accounts in times of emergency should be considered a last resort. However it can be useful resource in times of dire need. Before accessing

any retirement funds you should know all of the ramifications of doing so: Taxes being assessed, early distribution.

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