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This article brought to you courtesy of Barb Raines, Owner of Club Fit, Canby Herald Fitness Expert.

Barb & Ron Raines

Did you know…73% of fitness resolutions fail! So how do you find success?

Work with a trainer. Education is a key factor, you must know what you are doing or frustration will set in very quickly. Fact: If you don't get results you will stop. A trainer will teach you the right approach in a personalized setting. Knowledge is power. Invest in your training just as you've invested in your gym membership.

Embrace high-intensity exercises. Initial low-intensity exercise sessions might feel good but they produce few results. Although it is important to acclimate to physical activity you'll be surprised with a little push how quickly you'll increase intensity and start getting results.

Focus on flexibility. Sedentary bodies lack the flexibility of bodies more accustomed to exercise. Cross training with Yoga, Pilates & stretching prevent injuries and allow the body & mind to accept and process your workouts without injury.

Have low intensity days too. As you begin to see your work in the gym pay off it is important to mix in low intensity workouts such as power walking, elliptical & light circuit training, low intensity "restful" workouts are an important component of an effective regime. A day off doesn't mean sitting on the couch, a power walk is best for overall recovery as it increases blood flow and prepares you for the next big one.

Connect with Barb at 503-266-6166, online at or on Instagram or Facebook at Clubfitcanby or core-fit-at-clubfit.

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