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This article brought to you courtesy fo Barb Raines of Canby Club Fit Canby Heral Insider Fitness Expert.

Ron & Barb Raines

If you are looking for more than just a workout and have decided to really dig in and get fit, CORE-Fit is the program for you! Participating in Club Fit's CORE-Fit training is an excellent way to create success and accountability in your workout plan. This constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement training program is designed to improve your athletic and daily performance. CORE-Fit Training is led by Ron Raines, former Marine and accomplished triathlete who is accredited through ACSM, AFAA, TRX, SPINNING, and CrossFit Level 1. Ron's passion is coaching and working with individuals who want to improve their fitness level, competitions, military readiness as well as weekend warrior fun stuff. CORE-Fit includes the best from

many different workouts including TRX Suspension, COREFit, Bootcamp, Speed & Agility, Plyometrics, and so much more! You will enjoy Ron's enthusiasm, encouragement and knowledge as you improve your fitness and increase your strength. The comradery in Core-Fit is an added bonus as you strive with the team to achieve your goals.

CORE-Fit's athletic and sports performance training for

athletes will improve your explosion, power, core conditioning, speed, agility, flexibility, endurance and overall athleticism for the purpose of improving sports performance and reducing injury during contests and competitions.

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website at www.clubfithealth

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