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This article brought to you courtesy of Barb Raines of Club Fit, Canby Herald Insider Fitness Expert

Ron and Barb Raines

It's spring! Go get new workout gear, shoes, a sunny playlist for a new workout! But, all the gear in the world won't help if you forget an important part of a successful workout: staying hydrated. Low energy, headache, and dry mouth are all common symptoms of mild dehydration. 

Most of us know that dehydration can make us tired. But did you know dehydration can actually make it harder to exercise? Your body's ability to regulate heat is impaired when it's thirsty which causes body temperature and heart rate to rise, making you feel tired.

Dehydration also weakens your mental function, affecting your motor control, decision making and concentration. You need to focus when working out to maintain your form and count the reps!

When your body is dehydrated, your stomach also passes food into the small intestine more slowly than normal. This can cause your stomach to hurt.

Regular water is sufficient for most of us. If you are exercising for 60 to 90 minutes you don't have to worry too much about electrolytes. If you're exercising intensely in extremely hot and humid conditions you might consider a sports drink to replace electrolytes lost in your sweat.

For most people, remembering to drink water before exercising and carrying a water bottle so you can drink when you're thirsty is all you need to do to stay hydrated, energized, and ready to power through a workout.

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