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This article brought to you courtesy of Dr. Alan Neal of Neal Family Dental, Canby Herald Insider Family Denttistry Expert

Dr. Alan Neal, DMD, FAG D

Snoring is noisy breathing during sleep. While you sleep, the muscles of yourthroat relax, your tongue falls backward, and your throat becomes narrow and soft. As you breathe, the walls of the throat begin to vibrate - snoring. Snoring causes disruptions to you and your bed-partner's sleep. Fragmented and fitful sleep increases stress, weakens the immune system and diminishes mental acuity. Lack of sleep also increases the chance of diabetes, high blood pressure, acid reflux and irritability.

There are options for Snorers: The use of a CPAP machine, which some users find claustrophobic and are noisy. If they are not cleaned properly the machine can contribute

to sinus infections. There are dental appliances like tongue shields or several different designs that fits like a sports mouth guard. As a last resort there are surgeries to help snorers. Somnoplasty, a palatal implant or uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP) which removes the soft tissue at the back of the throat including the uvula. The side effects of surgery can be painful and carry the risk of infection. Long lasting effects include voice change, trouble breathing and continued snoring.

There has to be a better way.

Nightlase is a non-surgical laser treatment for snoring that is effective and has no side effects. It tightens the tissues

of the back of mouth and throat, reducing the amount

of snoring. We will explain the procedure more fully in next month's column.

If your life or your partner's life are negatively impacted

by snoring, give Dr. Neal's office a call today and ask how

NightLase can improve your sleep.

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