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This article brought to you courtesy of Dr. Alan Neal of Neal Family Dental, Canby Herald Insider Family Dentisitry Expert

Dr. Alan Neal

When allergy season is upon us, your dental health can be

impacted. Sinus pain happens when the sinuses fill up with

mucus causing aches and pains in your face. The largest

sinuses are located above your mouth and sinus pressure can push down on the roots of your upper molars, causing pain.

Allergies cause dry mouth because you are more likely to

breathe through your mouth when your nose is plugged.

Or taking antihistamines can cause dry mouth as a side effect. A dry mouth increases your chances of developing

cavities, gum disease and bad breath, since your saliva won't be able is to wash away harmful bacteria. Cavity-causing bacteria multiply more in a dry mouth than a healthy one.

Stay hydrated, drinking lots of water to moisten your

mouth and wash away bacteria. Gargle with salt water to

relieve your symptoms. Keep brushing and flossing to help

with dry mouth. Get your allergies treated by your doctor.

Check out long term treatment such as prescription drugs or allergy shots.

Talk to your dentist about pain or dry mouth. Dr. Neal can help you figure out whether it is allergy related or caused by something else. This year Dr. Neal's sinusitis cases

have increased from 2 to 4 cases to almost 20 cases, perhaps from forest fires, the increase of mold or the increased stress of daily life. You are not alone in your sinus pain, get help by making an appointment today.

Call Neal Family Dental if you have any questions or

would like to schedule an appointment at 503-266-2705.

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