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This article brought to you courtesy of Dr. Alan Neal of Neal Family Dental, Canby Herald Dentistry Insider Expert.

Dr. Alan Neal, DMD, FAGD

Your mouth has a normal pH between 6.2 to 7. On the pH scale 7 is neutral, neither acidic nor alkaline. The higher the number the more alkaline and the lower the number the more acidic it is. Most wines have a pH between 2.9 and 3.5. Enamel erosion begins when the pH of your mouth falls below 5.7. Unfortunately, wine lowers the pH of your mouth and that can lead to erosion of the enamel and staining.

Wine is more acidic than water but not less acidic than colas and lemonade; red wines are slightly less acidic than whites and a sparkling wine will erode your enamel faster because carbonation increases acidity.

The good news is that unless you are a professional taster, you are swallowing, not holding the wine in your mouth. Sips of water between sips of wine rinses the acid away and lowers the pH of your mouth, reducing staining and erosion. (You can sip intermittently, not a one-to-one ratio of water to wine.)

Brush your teeth as well but wait an hour after your last glass. Because acid may soften the enamel, brushing will increase the risk of erosion.

Drinking wine, even sparkling wine, is fine (thank goodness!) Always rinse with water after drinking "fun" drinks like wine, coffee, tea, colas, energy drinks, brush regularly and take some calcium. If you have questions about your dental health and the status of your enamel call Dr. Neal at Neal Family Dental.

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