This article brought to you courtesy of Dr. Alan Neal of Dental Care of Canby, Canby Herald Family Dentistry Expert.

Dr. Alan Neal, DMD, FAGD

I hope this message finds you and your family well during this difficult time. I am writing today with some helpful tips for your dental home care, to help keep your mouth healthy, prevent oral disease, and to prevent having to visit an urgent care or ER with Covid-19 patients. The

virus is known to cling to tissues of the nose, throat, and


Brushing: Brush twice a day with a fluoridated toothpaste

for 2 minutes, so the fluoride can work longer on your teeth.

I do recommend an electric toothbrush with a timer.

Flossing: When you brush you only clean 70 to 80% of your

teeth, you must floss between your teeth to remove the bad

bacterial growing there, if this bad bacteria is not removed

it facilitates an environment to make "badder" bacteria

that cause cavities and gum disease.

Mouthrinse: I would use a mouth rinse daily (Crest ProHealth, Listerine, salt water), especially upon returning from any visits

outside of your home.

TMJ/TMD: These are trying times, the world has not seen

a pandemic of this level since the 1918 Spanish Flu, lots of

uncertainty. We are seeing a lot more TMJ issues which

sometimes mimic a toothache.

Dental issues: If you, your family, co-workers, or friends

have any dental issues, concerns, discomfort, pain, please call, we are here to help and answer any questions (or if you just need to talk) at 503-266-2705.

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