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This article brought to you courtesy of Dr. Alan Neal of Dental Care of Canby, Canby Herald Insider Family Dentistry Expert.

Dr. Alan Neal, DMD, FAGD

Dr. Neal has been seeing tooth fractures are coming into the

office in surprising numbers. Read on to learn more and how to

prevent it.

Stress from economic havoc, a pandemic, wildfires and the

resulting smoke affects our mental health. Stress during the day

comes out at night, interrupting sleep and causing us to clench

their jaw to the point of damage our teeth.

We are working from home, on the sofa, perched on a barstool or a corner of the kitchen counter. The resulting awkward body positions cause us to hunch our shoulders

forward, curving the spine into a C-shape.

We aren't getting the sleep we need. Restlessness and insomnia are signs of the "fight or flight" response keeping us awake. All that tension goes straight to our teeth.

So what can we do?

Awareness is key. Be mindful and try to stop yourself from

grinding when you catch yourself doing it.

A retainer or night guard keeps the teeth in proper alignment and prevents grinding. Your dentist can custom make a night guard to assure proper fit.

Set up a proper work station with your shoulders over your hips, and your ears over your shoulders. Screens should

be at eye level and move around during the day.

Turn off the electronic devices prior to bed, switch to a "blue

blocker" screen or buy glasses made for that purpose(which

Dr. Neal uses). Stick to the same relaxing routine before retiring to have less tension in the jaw. That means less grinding at night.

Remember to stay current on your dental cleanings, any

unfinished dental treatment, and maximize your dental insurance

benefits before the end of the year.

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