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This article brought to you courtesy of Dr. Alan Neal, DMD, FAGD, of Dental Care of Canby, Canby Herald Insider Family Dentistry Expert.

Dr. Alan Neal, DMD, FAGD

There is a lot of press about the Delta Variant form of Covid-19. First, I wish they would call it something else, like, "The Dangerous

Variant" or "Super Covid." Delta variant sounds like a nerdy frat party. 17 months into this global pandemic and we are still dealing with- and feeling its effects in all aspects of life.

Second, we need to limit COVID-19 infection rates. Each time the virus has to replicate and infect another host (person) it has a chance to mutate. Most mutations make it weaker, some, like Delta,

more adapted to survive longer and better. Covid-19 is a virus, it doesn't think, doesn't have a plan, it just replicates and adapts.

So here are the facts on the delta variant of COVID-19:

- The "spikes" of delta are better adapted to attach to human cells.

- If infected you become symptomatic a day or two earlier than previous versions.

- You shed virus sooner and at a rate one thousand times more than the original.

- It is currently the most dominant form of COVID-19 in the US (over 60% of cases).

- Delta is the most contagious and severe form of COVID-19

What can you do? Vaccinate if you can, most of the vaccines are +94% effective against the Delta Variant. Mask up, wash your hands, avoid crowds, and stay healthy. Also, keep current on your dental cleanings; there is a well-established oral-systemic connection with periodontitis gum disease and susceptibility to COVID-19 infection.

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