This article brought to you courtesy of Barb Raines, of Club Fit, Herald-Pioneer Insider Fitness Expert.

Ron and Barb Raines

As we head towards the holidays we see 2 things, the customer who is highly committed and the customer that disappears...So what makes the difference?


The most successful fitness and dietary routine is the one that is consistent, the one that doesn't stop whether it be mild, moderate, or heavy, the one

that goes on every day all year. The key is to keep going and make a commitment to staying focused! So how do you do that when the holiday rush, school

sports & work are tugging you in different directions.

No Excuses and BE SELFISH, set aside 1 hour a day for YOU.

At minimum hit the street and walk briskly for at least 45 minutes, you'll burn 100+ calories and push 1500 steps every 15 minutes.

Hit the gym at least twice a week and switch it up, 1 circuit workout and 1 weight workout.

HIRE A TRAINER to meet you once per week, it's proven if you are paying for education it holds high value.

Meet a friend and don't accept excuses from one another – hold each other accountable.

Weigh yourself on Friday only, if you aren't hitting your goal each week then change something.

Count calories on a weekly basis rather than daily 3500 calories plus or minus equals a pound either way.

Plan ahead! Plan meals, plan outings, plan events, PLAN and look forward.

Hit your weekly goals and by the end of each month you'll feel satisfied and happy with your achievement.

Get enrolled at Club Fit, hire a trainer and get started NOW before the holidays!

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