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This article brought to you courtesy of Matt Stutes, CFP, of Cornerstone Wealth Management, Canby Herald Financial Planning Expert.

Matt Stutes, CFP

48% of Americans do not own any stocks or stock-related investments, according to the most recent data from Pew Research Center. Individuals may cite different reasons for not investing, but with important long-term financial goals, the reasons may not be good enough.

Why Invest?

Make Money on Your Money.

You work hard for your money; make sure your money works hard for you. Regardless of your budget, you can share the same opportunities available to others in the market.

Achieve Self-Determination and Independence

When you build wealth, you may be in a better position to pursue the lifestyle you want. Your life can become one of possibilities rather than limitations.

Leave a Legacy for Your Heirs

The wealth you pass on can have a profound impact on your heirs, providing educational opportunities, capital to start a business, or financial support to relatives.

Support Causes Important to You

Wealth can be an important tool for impacting the world in a meaningful way. Whatever your passion, you can donate your wealth to affect positive changes around you.

A Framework for Investing

The decision to invest is acknowledging that it comes with risk. However, without risk, there is no opportunity to potentially earn the returns that can grow your wealth. Consider maintaining a broad diversification of investments that reflect your risk tolerance, timeline, and nature of your goals. Diversification is an approach to help manage investment risk. It does not eliminate the risk of loss if security prices decline. Investing can be complicated, call us to help guide your wealth-building journey.

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