This article brought to you by Barb Raines, of Club Fit, Canby Herald Insider Fitness Expert.

Ron and Barb Raines

It's Time for LOVE!

Buddies "R" Better

The goal is to keep going and one of the best ways I've found to do this is simple….

The buddy system!

Exercising with a friend is fun and creates accountability! We LOVE our friends, so… set goals and help each other!

Motivation - When it's fun you forget the struggle, your workout buddy is the strength you need to increase your mind and body fitness.

No excuses - Try explaining to your friend why you left them hanging? No Way! We love our friends and won't let them down or no show! It's good for the body and soul!

More Fun - Everything is more fun with a friend, and working out is no different! Bonus: Your jaw will get fit too! The mental stimulation and satisfaction will keep you going all day AND bring you back for the next round.

You will work harder— Working out with a buddy can spark a healthy competition between the two of you & give you the strength to just a little harder, Try a circuit train routine, encouraging each other to get to the end.

Teamwork - Sports and fitness are great teambuilding exercises to bring you closer and give you a chance to catch up and IMPROVE!

Keep your fitness goals in sight, Exercise with a friend at Club Fit and get 20% Off a Buddy Wellness Training Package in February.

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