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This article brought to you courtesy of Barb Raines, of Club Fit, Canby Herald Insider Fitness Expert.

Ron & Barb Raines


The building block of the body, muscle, cells, bone, skin, hair, hormones and antibodies are all made of

protein. **Protein is NOT used for fuel though.

Proteins are different amino acids. While the body can create amino acids on its own, there are essential amino acids that only come from food. You need all of the amino acids for the body to function properly, but you don't need to eat all of the amino acids at once. Your body creates complete proteins from the foods you eat.

Protein Sources

Meat, fish, & eggs are best for essential amino acids, and you get plant protein from beans, soy, nuts, & some grains. Age, weight & activity levels determine how much you need.

Healthy Fats

Fats are not bad! Healthy fats are vital to a healthy body. Fat supports bodily functions, vitamin & mineral absorption, blood clotting, cell building and muscle movement.

Yes, fat is high in calories, but those calories provide energy for your body.

20-30% of your daily calories should come from HEALTHY fat, which can help you to balance your blood sugar, decrease your heart disease, type 2 diabetes and improve your brain function. They're also powerful anti inflammatories

and they lower the risk of arthritis, cancer, and Alzheimer's disease.

Healthy Fat Sources

Unsaturated fats are omega-3 and 6 fatty acids. Unsaturated fats are vital as they provide essential fatty acids your

body can't make. Look to nuts, seeds, fish, and vegetable and nut oils like olive, sunflower, avocado and walnut.

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