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This article brought to you courtesy of Ron Raines of Club Fit, Canby Herald Insider Fitness Expert.

Ron Raines

The holiday season is soon upon us and looking at all the great food can easily throw even the most dedicated individual off course. So how can we overcome the great holiday season and not fall victim to the "terrible 10 pound" weight gain? Let's start like any great coach would do; develop a strategy before, during and after the big meals!

• Reduce calorie intake by 250 kcals each day

• Increase physical activity with a modest increase of 250 calorie burn daily

• Monitor sleep and set a goal to achieve 6.5 to 8 hours of sleep per day

• Eat small healthy meals throughout the day to keep a level blood sugar

• Limit alcohol to events (dinners andor parties) only throughout the season

• Reduce sodium intake by making your own food

• Avoid fasting before the big meal

• Eat a small healthy breakfast before the holiday feast

• Start the big meal by eating vegetables first

• Chew food slowly as your brain can take 20 minutes to relay when you are full

Eating well and staying health can be a difficult task, however with these easy tips one can stay ahead of the game and start the new year off with success! For a healthy start contact Club Fit at 503-266-6166 and get the proper education to enjoy the holidays and prepare for the next obstacle!

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