Canby City Council has begun soliciting concepts from groups that may offer intriguing ideas for the old public library space

JOHN BAKER - The 10,961-square-foot former Canby Public Library building is large and flexible, and could accommodate many different businesses or uses, city officicals say.
What is to become of the old Canby Public Library building?

That's a question the City of Canby is hoping to find an answer to in the not-too-distant future. And to that end, the city is looking for proposals.

"The 10,961-square-foot building is large and flexible and could accommodate many different businesses or uses," said Renate Mengelberg, economic development director.

The Canby City Council would like to sell or lease the building so that it is in use again, creating jobs, activity and investment in Canby's downtown.

Ideally, the winning proposal would meet community needs, and create activity during days, evenings and weekends.

This property is appraised at $952,000 and located at 292 N. Holly Street on Third Avenue.

"The city is casting a wide net to attract as many creative development ideas as possible," said Mengelberg. "As inspiration, the city had 3D designs and conceptual drawings created for a retail/ public market or creative office space."

Developers, buyers and prospective tenants will have more than three months to develop their ideas. The city will make building tours available by appointment after Aug. 7. A one page proposal form is available online and final proposals are due Sept. 22.

Interested developers, buyers and tenants should describe their ideas for the properties and present their credentials. Mengelberg said that options include local businesses looking to buy or lease or a developer that would buy and refurbish the building.

The goal is to have a winning proposal that will contribute to the revitalization of downtown Canby, as well as demonstrate a proven track record and strong financial resources. The goal is that the project will help retain and expand Canby businesses and fill market niches. The city can assist with the façade improvement program, and staff support in the permitting process.

Extensive details on this opportunity are available on the city's website at or by contacting Mengelberg at 503-266-0701 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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