The PSU census is only a preliminary numbers, but gives Canby an increase of more than 200 for 2017

The City of Canby continues to see population growth based on a PSU census report. The preliminary report is certified official in mid-December.

Canby saw its population inch up a bit from 2016 to 2017, at least that's the initial finding in census data released by Portland State University.

Though the numbers are strictly "preliminary estimates of the population as of July 1, 2017," they do show growth in the community. The estimate puts Canby's population for 2017 at 16,660, up from 16, 420 a year ago – a growth rate of 1.4 percent. Locally, the largest percentage of growth occurred in Silverton (3.5 percent), Wilsonville (2.4 percent) and Hubbard (2.3 percent). They will be certified official in mid-December.

"We're growing pretty rapidly right now, perhaps a little more rapidly than we would like from a city management perspective," said City Administrator Rick Robinson. "We want to make sure we're providing the core services to the community. If we get super rapid growth, we might have trouble keeping up with those services.

"It (the growth) is not completely unexpected given the city of Portland's decision to not expand their urban growth boundary," Robinson said. "The inevitable outcome was to push primarily single family developments to the outlying areas. We are such a desirable community to live in, we are attractive for people to come to."

Aurora's population estimate for 2017 jumps 10 bodies, from 970 to 980 in the latest report.

Overall, Clackamas County saw a 2 percent jump in population, going from 404,980 to an estimated 413,000. Marion County went from 333,950 to 339,200, a jump of 1.6 percent.

Robinson added that while growth is occurring, the hope is that those who come will dial into the Canby vibe.

"The people who do come here, we hope they will respect the sense of community Canby does have and do all they can to fit into the community and support the community," said Robinson.

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