He and a buddy reeled in the monster rainbow trout from the Canby Pond using a kids' fishing pole.

PHOTO COURTESY OF LAURA GREEN - Eli Gorton-Green reeled in this monster trout at the Canby Pond on Sunday, Dec. 3.Six-year old Eli Gorton-Green went fishing at the Canby Pond last week with friends, and he walked away with a trophy trout that was almost as big as he is.

"I caught the biggest fish in my life," Gorton-Green said.

Gorton-Green used green power bait and reeled the fish in on a kids' trout pole with the help of his best buddy Nolan Roberts. The boys were fishing with Roberts's dad, Jason Roberts, and sister Avery Roberts.

PHOTO COURTESY OF LAURA GREEN - Eli Gorton-Green (middle) went fishing on Sunday, Dec. 3 with friends Nolan Roberts (left) and his sister Avery Roberts (right).

Roberts estimated that the fish weighed about 10 pounds. They didn't get an exact measurement, but for length, it rivals Gorton-Green, who is 45 inches tall.

"I thought it was heavier than me," Gorton-Green said.

Gorton-Green has a little fishing experience, but his monster catch surprised Gorton-Green's mom, Laura Green.

"He's done it before and caught like little teeny trout, but that one was exceptionally big," Green said. "He said, 'Mom, that's the biggest fish I ever caught in my whole entire life,' and then I saw it and I believed him."

To catch such a fish from the one-acre Canby Pond might come as a surprise, but according to Todd Hansen at the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife, there's a perfectly good explanation for it.

"Last week, approximately 60 'brood' trout were stocked there," Hansen said in an email. "Brood trout are used to spawn eggs for the next year's production. Once they have been spawned, they are put into various lakes for people to catch. This stirs up a lot of excitement as these 'brooders' typically weigh between 8 and 12 (and sometimes more) pounds each."

Typically, the pond is stocked with smaller, legal-sized rainbow trout, which are at least eight inches long and weigh approximately 1/3 pound each. The North Willamette Watershed District biologist manages the trout stocking of Canby Pond.

"For Canby Pond in particular, it was determined that it would get 3,400 legal size trout beginning in late March, stocked every other week through early May," Hansen said.

But now that the stock of trout has dropped off, the district is now stocking the brooders beginning in early November and continuing just past the first of the year, according to Hansen. So those who want to catch a trophy trout for themselves will have to get in there and endure some fall weather for it.

Canby Pond is an exclusively child- and disabled-friendly fishing spot. Located at Canby Community Park behind Safeway, the pond is open to children 17 and under and to those who have Disabled Anglers permits.

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