Canby's Historica Review Board will now be called the Canby Heritage and Landmark Comission

Canby's Historic Review Board, which has put together several projects in Canby in the last year, will now be known by another name.

By a unanimous vote of the Canby City Council Jan. 3, the Canby Historical Review Board is now the Canby Heritage and Landmark Commission. At its October meeting, the HRB members voted to adopt a new name for the group – Canby Heritage and Landmark Commission – and also add a position to the group reserved for a Canby High School student. Both the name change and the addition seat on the commission were approved unanimously during the city council's Jan. 3 meeting. According to commission chair Carol Palmer, it was time to bring the group's work into better focus. "We had an identity problem in the community. Historic Review Board is a confusing title," said Palmer. "It does not describe what we do or our area of responsibility. "People often confused us with the Canby Historical Society. We are a volunteer arm of city government, as such we are a public body, expected to operate in a fully transparent manner," she continued. "Having a title that clearly describes our area of responsibility is an important part of being transparent." Asked to clarify the difference between the Canby Historical Society and the HLC, Main Street Manager Jamie Stickel noted that "unlike the Heritage and Landmark Commission, the Canby Historical Society is an independent nonprofit organization. Their primary mission is maintaining and operating the Depot Museum. The primary mission of the HLC is preserving Canby's historic landmarks and the CHS is our most important ally. Their archival collection is foundational to our projects." The code change also involves adding a position to the HLC reserved for a high school student. "We believe adding a high school student member will improve our decision-making process, diversify our perspective, and help us reach a larger segment of the community," said HLC member Tony Crawford. "For the student, a position on a city commission will provide valuable experience and opportunities to enhance their college application."  

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