He becomes the fourth Republican to register for the coming primary to replace Bill Kennemer

Seth Rydmark.Seth Rydmark is the fourth Republican to throw a hat in the ring as a candidate for House District 39.

A lifelong resident of Clackamas County, Rydmark, a Republican, said he will run on a platform of fiscal responsibility and state reform. He said his experience as a mental healthcare provider has given him an up-close view of how our state has failed our children and the most vulnerable.

"With top down bureaucratic mismanagement, state agencies like DHS (Department of Human Services) have failed our foster care children who are left to sleep in hotel rooms," Rydmark said. "We need to prioritize budgeting, so children, education, veterans, and infrastructure are funded first. Enough frivolous special interest spending and kicking PERS reform down the road. Priorities matter."

He noted that he's already received the endorsement from Dr. Monica Wehby, who is a neurosurgeon and former Republican Senate nominee.

"Trust is an important factor for anyone seeking public office," Rydmark said. "People need to know that they can count on you to be consistent and reliable in your convictions. This is why I am proud to have Monica's endorsement."

Rydmark lives in Canby and grew up in a rural area outside Molalla. He and his five siblings were homeschooled growing up. In college, he received his degree in psychology from the University of Oregon.

Rydmark's announcement comes on the heels of three

"We will miss Bill (Kennemer) as he retires from many years in public service," said Rydmark. "No one will come close to filling his shoes, but I would be honored to replace him as the next Representative for House District 39."

Rydmark joins a crowded Republican field for the May 15 primary, joining Christine Drazan, Ken Kraft and John Lee in the battle to face whomever emerges from the Democratic primary, which currently has only Elizabeth Graser-Lindsey registered for the primary.

Rydmark has spent his professional career caring for those with mental health and behavioral problems, including abused and autistic children. His volunteer hours are spent campaigning for local and statewide conservative candidates.

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