The Canby High equestrian team continues its winning ways in its district as riders tally wins

LISA WING - Canby equestrian team member Jordyn Tietz clears the barriers on her way to a win in the Hunt Seat Over Fences at Canby OHSET's second league competition of the year.

The Canby equestrian team (OHSET) did what it has been doing for a while now in Northwest District action, ride to a comfortable victory – this time in the season's second competition in Salem.

Canby accumulated 794 points to easily outdistance Silverton (651) and Sherwood (380), as well as several medium and small school competitors.

Results were:


(1st) Megan Schweitzer, (4th) Maisie Rowley, (6th) Laney Augustus, (9th) Jordyn Tietz.

Hunt Seat Equitation

(2) Lauren Augustus, (3) Megan Schweitzer, (5) Laney Augustus, (5) Maisie Rowley.

Hunt Seat Over Fences

(1) Jordyn Tietz, (2) Laney Augustus, (3) Akua Swift, (5) Katelyn Wing.

In Hand Trail

(2) Hanna Jacobs, (4) Allison Wheeler, (5) Taylor Rust, (5) Hannah Schweitzer, (7) Jordyn Tietz, (9) Mega Schweitzer.

Trail Equitation

(1) Hannah Jacobs, (4) Megan Schweitzer, (6) Hannah Schweitzer, (9) Lauren Augustus.


(7) Addy Crouch, (9) Jenny Tibbetts, (10) Abby Weyer.

LISA WING - Lauren Jacobs is up and rolling during the barrel competition at the second of three league meets in the district.


(2) Kira Tipikin.

Saddle Seat Equitation

(2) Akua Swift, (6) Clara Brady.


(1) Maisie Rowley, (1) Hanna Jacobs, (6) Jordyn Tietz, (8) Megan Schweitzer, (9) Jenny Tibbetts.

Western Horsemanship

(2) Hanna Jacobs, (9) Lauren Augustus.

Working Rancher

(6) Jordyn Tietz, (7) Jenny Tibbetts, (9) Lauren Iverson.


(3) May Wood, (4) Abby Weyer.


(2) Clara Brady, (3) May Wood, (9) Olivia Churilla.

Figure 8

(8) Olivia Churilla.

Pole Bending

(1) Abby Weyer, (2) Olivia Churilla, (9) Lauren Jacobs, (10) Olivia McKenzie.

Individual Flags

(1) Olivia Churilla, (2) Katelyn Wing, (7) May Wood, (8) Amanda Moses.

Working Pairs

(1) Hanna Jacobs & Maisie Rowley, (2) Lauren Augustus & Megan Schweitzer, (7) Abby Weyer & Katelyn Wing.

In-Hand Obstacle Relay

(2) Hanna Jacobs, Maisie Rowley, Jordyn Tietz, Megan Schweitzer, (5) Laney Augustus, Jenny Tibbetts, Lauren Augustus, Hannah Schweitzer, (7) Taylor Rust, Clara Brady, Akua Swift, Allison Wheeler.

LISA WING - Canby's drill team took top honors in the Freestyle 5+ competition.

Team Versatility

(2) Lauren Jacobs, Lauren Augustus, Hannah Schweitzer, Lauren Iverson, (3) Hanna Jacobs, Olivia Churilla, Maisie Rowley, Megan Schweitzer, (5) Abby Weyer, Laney Augustus, Katelyn Wing, Jordyn Tietz.

Canadian Flag Race

(1) Abby Weyer, Lauren Jacobs, Olivia Churilla, Maisie Rowley, (2) Laney Augustus, Katelyn Wing, Jordyn Tietz, Megan Schweitzer.

Two Man Birangle

(1) Amanda Moses & May Wood, (3) Olivia Churilla & Maisie Rowley, (6) Lauren Iverson & Olivia McKenzie.

Freestyle 5+

(1) Canby – Abby Weyer, Laney Augustus, Addy Crouch, Jenny Tibbetts, Maisie Rowley, Katelyn Wing, Jordyn Tietz, Lauren Iverson, Megan Schweitzer, Olivia McKenzie.

Team Penning

(6) Abby Weyer, Laney Augustus, Maisie Rowley.


Large: Canby 794, Silverton 651, Sherwood 380.

Medium: Newberg 542, McMinnville 420, Dallas 301.

Small: Yamhill-Carlton 131, North Marion 131, Amity 45.

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