Author Margaret Anderson Branson takes a look at old country schools from the area

The short book, "The Eby School: A Chronicle of an Oregon Country School 1909-1962," by Margaret Anderson Branson, allows the history of this community school to live on.

It gives a picture of approximately 150 country schools that existed in Clackamas County, a number that surprises many of us today in 2018.

The book contains short essays about the history of the school, the names of all of the teachers, and perhaps most surprising, the names of all the registered students, along with many student body photos.

Margaret Anderson Branson will donate proceeds from the sale of her book to the Molalla Area Historical Society.

The book gives an account of the Eby family, who donated land and lumber for the school building. Photos in the Addenda add context to the student body photos, providing a glimpse to activities of the students and the community.

It is easy to understand that the book was a labor of love by someone determined not to allow part of our past to disappear. Even gathering the names of class photos required both time and tenacity.

This book should be a satisfying reminder of times when children walked or biked to school, walked in the woods, and teachers kept a tea kettle on the wood stove to heat the building.

Branson grew up on a family farm along with her two brothers and three sisters just one quarter mile south of Eby School. She now resides in Government Camp and Portland.

Proceeds from book sales will help the Molalla Area Historical Society preserve the history of Molalla and the surrounding areas.

For further information, contact The Molalla Area Historical Society at 503 765-6432 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; or order the book on the website:

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