Canby City Council gets a full report on last September's clean-up program and what's to come

Last September's clean up event far surpassed previous years, according to Steve Donovan, president of Donovan Enterprises, Inc., during last week's Canby City Council meeting.

Instead of asking residents to leave trash and items they wanted to get rid of on the curb, they were asked to bring them to the fairgrounds. The event brought out 742 households and cost $10, 283, a huge savings from the year before, when costs reached more than $35,000. Donovan broke that figure down by noting that labor costs could be rounded off to $2,700, equipment $2,600, marketing including printing and mailing at $1,500 and disposal cost of recycling $3,400.

The Canby Herald.

People brought a total of 181 tires that were recycled by Les Schwab at no cost to customers; 47 televisions; 83 computer monitors and CPUs; 362 printers, faxes, stereos and copiers; 5.43 tons of shredded documents; 6.84 tons of scrap metal; and 13.97 tons of solid waste.

One of the only drawbacks was that nearly everyone arrived at the same time, causing a traffic jam. Donovan suggested starting earlier so that maybe everyone wouldn't arrive at 11 a.m. Otherwise, it went much better than "the circus" of previous years.

"It was a dramatic improvement, dramatically different," said Mayor Brian Hodson.

People requiring large pickups are now allowed to call and make an appointment for the service to come out and remove the item instead of it sitting on the curb waiting for the crew to pick it up and looking awful.

However, Councilor Tyler Smith noted that a couple of residents contacted him and said they were told the pickups didn't exist anymore. Donovan noted that wasn't true and suggested those residents check out the website.

One of the most popular items was paper to be shredded, Donovan said. He also said using the site of the fairgrounds was quite popular.

Various council members noted they really liked the new program, except for the traffic.

"We need to improve three things. We need better traffic control, eliminate everyone waiting at the peak hour of 11 a.m. and find better opportunities to recycle," Donovan said.

The next presentation concerned the library and the intergovernmental agreement that was signed in 2009.

Roger Reif, the chair of Canby's library board, expressed concerns about some changes going on in the county's library district. One of those is the way the maps describe Canby's service area. It seems that the lines don't include residents of Canby, but instead put them into Oregon City's service area.

There's also changes based on assessed value of homes in each area. For example, a home in Lake Oswego might be valued at $2 million, while a similar home in Canby would be valued at $800,000 meaning more tax would be given to one city over another. This creates a disparity in library district income.

Finally, it appears Canby's library area could be running out of money, resulting in reduced materials and staff.

There will be a library district advisory committee meeting on April 23 at 7 p.m. that concerns the entire library district. Residents are encouraged to attend.

Finally, council members were faced yet again with APP 17-03 regarding the NE Redwood Landing development concept plan with an interlocutory order that Joseph Lindsay, city attorney, wanted a vote on to ensure that if the situation happened again there would be a precedent.

The counselors again went over the items the planning commission needs to be concerned with before granting ICON Development the go-ahead for the changed development concept plan.

These include density transfer of the lots ensuring they are between 7,000 and 10,000 feet; parkland donation that it's continuous and not spotty and larger than the initial size of the lots; there are places for trucks and emergency vehicles to turn around; and that the streets don't go through land and homes that already are there whose owners are not prepared to leave. The vote passed unanimously.

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