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Music memorabilia was everywhere at the Ackerman School gym Sunday as music enthusiasts buzzed

JOHN BAKER - Music enthusiasts of all kinds were on hand at the Ackerman School Sunday for the Record Bonanza music memorabilia show.

By 10:30 a.m. Sunday, the gym at Ackerman School was filled with music fans of all ages, desires and curiosities.

The annual Record Bonanza was in full swing and music memorabilia was the prime motivator.

Stephen Ames from Gladstone was fingering his way through a box of old rock albums looking for something specific.

"I'm interested in all things STYX," he said. "They had a musical influence on me in the late '70s and early '80s. So, I look to collect STYX items."

JOHN BAKER - Visitors to the Record Bonanza sometimes had to get creative to look through record stacks.

The search had apparently yielded some positive results as Ames had several albums and a button in his clutches. But the hunt continued.

"I came last year, but I think I like this new place better," he said referring to the Bonanza switching venues this year. "Lots of great music and other music-related stuff here. It's a great time."

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