Young Garden Leaders at 91 School are doing some pretty amazing stuff in the area of pollination

Youth Garden Leaders at 91 School have grown hundreds of new plants they hope will create habitat for pollinators in their community.

Plants were distributed May 10 in conjunction with Mother's Day in Mexico and May 13 in honor of U.S. Mother's Day.

One out of every three bites of food we eat comes from food that was pollinated. Pollinators transfer pollen from one flower to another, fertilizing the plant so it can grow into the fruit, seeds, berries and other plant parts we eat.

Bees are the workhorse of pollination, but birds, butterflies other insects and even wind helps pollination happen too.

The folks at Johnson Controls have played a big role in helping the 91 School Youth Garden Leaders achieve their pollination goals.

Starting in fall of 2017, 91 School's Youth Garden Leaders researched what plants create habitat for pollinators. Then the students voted to come up with six different plants to grow for every family in the school.

Students got the seeds, soil, growing trays and started planting. They labeled each plant to remember what was in there and watered almost every day.

The pollination project was funded by a grant from Johnson Controls Blue Sky Involve Program. It is one of several grants Johnson Controls has given the learning laboratory at 91 School in an effort to green the community through planting and conservation. Johnson Controls has also helped organize volunteer work parties, including revitalizing the 91 School garden greenhouse where all the plants were grown.

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