The Canby Garden Club tabs a Hwy. 170 yard as its june recipient of the Yard of the Month

It's hard to believe that the property Louise and David Dodge now live on was once nothing but pasture with mounds of blackberry bushes more than a story high.

The couple, which bought the property at 26372 S. Hwy. 170, in 1995 and moved from the heart of Canby onto in 1999, has put a lot of work into turning the pasture into something special. And because of their efforts, they have been named the Canby Garden Club's Yard of the Month for June.

"I tell you, this is the best place to grow things," Louise said.

The garden and yard are impressive, with plenty of green and other colors playing off each other. Louise said she designed the garden to be like garden rooms. It is a borrowed concept from English gardens, Italianate and, of course, Versailles."

The home on Highway 170 offers some very distinct features.

There are so many plants and flowers in the yard, it's impossible to list them all. But there are highlights including roses interspersed throughout the property and all along the fence, and pergolas to support the many climbing roses.

The yard includes rhododendrons, azaleas, assorted perennials, Italian cypress, Douglas fir, purple birch, white birch, empress of China, quaking aspen, Japanese and Scottish yew trees, lilacs, blue and green juniper, two fountains, waterfall with koi pond, man-made lake with two waterfalls and at least five varieties of water lilies and various other water plants, tea house, and pavilion.

There is also a conservatory to house Louise's orchids and other tropical plants, a collection of Japanese maple planted in a grid to be able to mow in between, flowers and different textured ferns, walls of trees like golden brinkman and arborvitae surrounding an herb garden.

In short, it's nothing short of breath-taking.

It's also why the Canby Garden Club will hold its 70th Anniversary Garden Tea Party there on July 22. Tickets are still available by calling 314-406-6503.

"We created pavilions of shade, color and texture, basically, so I have blooming things all year round, even in winter," said Louise.

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