Planning commission was looking at issues and questions over the Beck Pond subdivision

The Canby Planning Commission held its regularly scheduled meeting on June 11 with a public hearing to discuss the subdivision /variance of 11.81 acres into a 69-lot subdivision in two phases for low and medium density residential development in the southwest Canby Development Concept Plan. It was unanimously approved.

The public hearing was in regards to the Beck Pond subdivision. Basically, it is part of the concept plan, which was already approved when the land was annexed. The plan is to make half of the 11.81 acres R1 or low density and half R1.5 or medium density housing. Therefore some of the lot sizes will be smaller.

The Canby Herald.

People from the Village on the Locks and Hope Village crowded the meeting. They voiced their opposition to the development because it would increase traffic. Commissioners listed to all their concerns for about 90 minutes, but after the public hearing indicated it was a well-conceived development that conformed with all of the review criteria. They added a condition of approval to require stop signs where Northwest 16th Avenue would connect with Elm Street and South Fir Street with internal street connections to 16th Avenue.

One local resident, who previously was part of the project with the developer, but who has since changed his mind and decided not to sell his land and move, now opposes the plan, according to Brown. He's upset about two stub streets, but one already had been removed.

Two other reports will be taken up in upcoming weeks. On June 25, commissioners will look into Mike Patterson's Light Industrial Re-development at 254 South Pine St., which is across from the Fire Station. A building has been demolished and plans indicate there will be two occupants, according to Brown, planning director.

Planning staff earlier indicated that Canby Townhomes at 1399 Southeast 13th Ave. would also be discussed on June 25, but that's been moved to the July 9 meeting.

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