Despite some confusion during the more than two hour public hearing, plan gets the OK

Canby City Council members spent more than two hours hearing pros and cons against the Redwood Landing subdivision until finally passing the same concept development plan the Planning Commission passed. During the public hearing the applicant and one family suggested the importance of passing that plan, which they suggested was changed from the original by meeting the five conditions the council stressed when the first one was remanded back to the Planning Commission.

The new plan presented to the council by the applicant increased the size of some lots, decreased the number of lots and decreased the amount of donated parkland area to 5.9 acres. Lot sizes in one area were increased to 6,097 square feet instead of the earlier 5,000 to meet earlier lot density sizes, but remains below the 7,000 needed for low density housing.

The Canby Herald.

A number of public opponents decried the new plan suggesting a number of items within the plan needed changing. They wanted to deny the transfer of density for the parkland and suggested the city pay for the land for the parkland surrounding Willow Creek from the developers.

A couple of opponents insisted that the development needed an HOA or homeowner's association to ensure the property would be well maintained.

However, a couple of council members noted that the government couldn't force the developers to provide an HOA because of a nearby development's insistence. And, the developers said, if an HOA was needed they would go along with it.

But the main problem with the city buying the land from the homeowners and developers was the lack of any idea what the land would be appraised at for the city to pay. The developers suggested that figure would be around $617,000 but depending on the appraiser and the cost of acreage it could be more. Without knowing the exact appraisal figure, several councilors said they wouldn't vote for it without the final appraisal.

One questionable area dealt with the three options the council was offered by City Manager Rick Robinson and Planning Director Brian Brown. Option one modified the SDC payment to fit with the Planning Commission's approval. Option two allowed the city to pay for the land for a nature park rather than the developer transferring land. Option three shrunk the amount of park land donated making for slightly larger lots.

There were some concerns that since the Planning Commission hadn't heard the options, they would have to remand the plan back to the commission.

Robinson and Brown came up with the options to limit confusion, but that actually seemed to cause more confusion. Before the group adjourned Robinson apologized for bringing them up.

There was also discussion about tabling the plan again. But finally one council member made a motion for a vote for passing it without changes and it went through on a vote of 4 to 1 with only Councilor Sarah Spoon against.

An earlier public hearing, which lacked any speakers, unanimously approved a noise variance for the Wild Hare to play music outside its doors on June 23 from 7 p.m. to midnight and on Aug. 11 from 6 p.m. to midnight.

Mayor Brian Hodson told residents and council members that Canby's water supply is being tested and is fine. The city, he said, will continue to test the water to ensure it lacks any bacteria or other toxins, he said.

The council passed one resolution and three ordinances. The resolution to extend Workers Compensation to city volunteers passed unanimously. They unanimously passed an ordinance annexing 2.64 acres of property and amending county zoning from rural residential forest to city low density residential with the boundaries within the city limits.

Councilors also unanimously authorized a contract with Master Cleen, Inc. for janitorial services and a contract with Canby Excavating in the amount of $481,373.39 for construction of the NE 11th Place sanitary sewer replacement and offsite storm drainage.

The final resolution amended a contract with Kintechnology, Inc. to continue providing computer technical services for the city.

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