Councilors wlil consider whether hemp products can be sold within the city limits

This week's City Council agenda has three items under new business, one of which could create a lot of interest among residents. Under new business the council members will discuss selling CBD (oil) and hemp products within the city.

In fact, one store within Canby's downtown has a sign on the door stating that it sells CBD.

There's quite a dichotomy between state, city and federal laws, and that's causing confusion. Canby residents voted to ban products with THC, but hemp products and oils have little to no THC (the active ingredient that brings about psychological and physiological responses in the brain).

The Canby Herald.

It's one of 113 chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. It can be used to make rope or shirts and in this case topical oils that act like medicines.

In reality these are plants from the same family. The hemp plant contains very small amount of THC and more of another compound called CBD, while the marijuana plant contains higher quantities of THC. Some research suggests that CBD acts to reduce the psychoactive effects of THC. Both plants are pressed for their oils for topical use.

So, there's a ban toward all products from the marijuana or hemp plants in the city, voted on by Canby citizens. In Oregon, the state has voted to make use of the marijuana plant family legal available for medical and recreational use. But the federal government considers any cannabis producing plant purchase illegal because it is listed under the law as a Schedule 1 controlled substance, says Joseph Lindsay, Canby city attorney.

"We understand the frustration, both federal and state law can trump city law, and we've decided to follow federal law here," he told the Herald. But that still allows residents to grow four plants if they want as long as they don't do it openly, he added.

One source in the city, who asked not to be named, called the entire situation "very complicated." This source noted that the federal government says "CBD has no detectable amounts of THC, but it's complicated because the amount of THC is very small, maybe 0.003 milligrams, these are undetectable amounts."

Lindsay brought up the issue to the city council because some residents are asking and questioning whether use of the hemp plant or its oils without THC can be sold here. "Artisans and others would like to delve into its use," he said, adding "it's a big business and other cities allow it. But it's still an iffy situation."

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