A recent survey of Canby educators regarding teaching conditions reveals generally positive results

The recently released TELL Oregon survey reveals Canby School District teachers and administrators are pretty happy with how things are going.

In fact, 93 percent agreed that overall their school is a good place to work and learn, and 88 percent indicated that they plan to continue teaching at their current school.

Shown is data from Canby School District's TELL Oregon survey results.

TELL Oregon is an online survey that provides Oregon educators a biennial opportunity to voice their opinions regarding teaching conditions.

"It is always valuable to know how teachers view their work and their work environment," said Superintendent Trip Goodall. "Some teachers are very comfortable communicating directly with their principals or with me. Some prefer a survey such as the TELL survey which allows teachers to comment anonymously."

Generally, Canby educators responded more positively than the Oregon average.

For example, 76 percent of respondents agree or strongly agree that teachers are protected from duties that interfere with their essential role of educating students compared with 71 percent of all Oregon respondents.

Props should go to the community of Canby too, since 90 percent agree or strongly agree that the community is supportive of their school. Oregon sits at 85 percent on that one.

"Overall, I'm pleased to see that our teachers view Canby as a district that values them," Goodall said. "We know how much the community supports our students and our schools, so I am happy our teachers feel that support. While there are always areas for improvement, these survey results indicate Canby School District is a good place for teachers to work."

And teachers did voice those areas in need of improvement. Canby's educators want better class sizes. Fifty-five percent disagreed that class sizes in Canby are reasonable enough for teachers to meet the needs of students.

Canby teachers also indicated overwhelmingly that they have no role or a small role in how the district's money is spent, and that they have less than 10 clock hours of professional development dedicated to meeting the needs of students with disabilities and talented and gifted students. Oregon overall agreed with Canby educators here, though Oregon's numbers look slightly better in these areas.

To view Canby School District's results, including individual school results, visit

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