There is a lot to the issue and plenty more to research as council asks for more information

Late in Canby's City Council meeting, under new business, the council members began discussing whether city businesses should be allowed to sell products derived from the hemp plant.

While it's related to marijuana plants, it contains little to no THC — the psychoactive substance in cannabis products — hemp offers topical oils and fabric for shirts and other clothes.

It became a topic in Canby when a group of people applied for a business license that was denied because the city doesn't allow sales of marijuana or its products in the city. The potential business people approached Mayor Brian Hodson telling him there are shops in the city selling CBD oil and other hemp products.

The Canby Herald.

City residents voted to keep dispensaries out of the city in order to follow the federal law prohibiting Schedule I drugs, even though the state allows them for recreation. However, there is confusion about whether hemp can be called a Schedule I controlled substance because it has little to no psychoactive substances. However, that very little amount can show up on a drug test. And, there are some shops here that do sell the CBD oil and clothing.

The city's Attorney, Joseph Lindsay, suggested the city back off and allow industrial hemp products for sale.

"But we don't have the capability to discern if CBD has any THC, leaving an inability to enforce the measure," said Council member Tyler Smith.

But Councilor Sarah Spoon questioned whether the onus was on the city or the business owner. "Doesn't the business owner on his license application sign to certify he's following state and federal law."

"I voted no to marijuana dispensaries and my vote is being flagrantly ignored," added Syble McCork, a resident who came to the meeting strictly for this issue. "I don't like it or want it sold in my city," she said suggesting that residents' votes are being ignored.

Since the subject was under new business and not scheduled to be voted on, the Council asked Lindsay to go back and do more research. It will be brought up at a future meeting.

Speaking of future meetings, council members voted to cancel the July 5 council meeting, which had been scheduled to replace the July 4 one, cancelled because of the holiday. The next meeting will be held on July 18 at 7 p.m.

> In other news, council members voted to accept and verified requirements for state revenue sharing funds, It adopted the 2918-19 fiscal budget, updated public procurement rules, created a new special revenue fund for transient room taxes and authorized a short term Interfund loan for the library from the Cemetery Perpetual Care Fund to be paid back when the library receives its county funding in January 2019. Council also amended the municipal code changing the rules for storage of or abandoned cars on city streets, adopted rules for Federal Awards administration and authorized the city manager to sign a contract with Master Cleen, Inc. for services not to exceed $57,787.

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