The original move-in schedule for early-July has been pushed back to sometime in August

KRISTEN WOHLERS - Canby Utility hoped to be in its new facililty early in July, but building delays will push that move back into August.

While Canby Utility planned to make its big move to its new headquarters at 1265 SE Third Ave. on July 9-10 and reopen on Wednesday, July 11 the construction crew is still working on the building.

The move-in date is delayed and will likely now be sometime in August.

"The construction staff hasn't finished the roof of the board room and it would be a mistake if we try to move in too quickly," said Dan Murphy, general manager of Canby Utility. "They are working at a slow pace and it's the second time we've had to change the move-in date."

It is expected to take two days to move the 11 employees and transfer all their working materials into the new building. All the services performed at the old offices on Second Avenue will also be performed at the new building. Among its new features are an after-hours drive through drop box allowing customers to drop off payments 24 hours a day. It also allows more space for the utility to grow, Murphy said, and provides a larger parking lot.

Canby Utility tentatively plans to break ground in 2022 for Phase 2, which will bring the electric crews and water workers to the new location. This will allow better coordination and improved efficiencies for all utility employees and their work.

The cost of the new building is $5.3 million, while the Phase 2 building will cost $7.1 million for a total cost of $13.7 million. That number includes the electric and water crews moving to their own new building from its current location near Territorial and Redwood Streets to the six-acre site with the office staff.

In 2008, the utility initially proposed its new location where the old city hall and the city's administrative offices were located next to Canby Utility's customer service office. That was changed when the board noted the six-acre site on Third Avenue, which is down the road from the Canby Fire District station on Pine Street and allows for the company's growth.

In 2015, the utility had planned to create new office space where the Dahlia Project is being completed and the city again asked the utility company to change its plans. The company sold its old downtown offices and parking for the Dahlia Project.

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