A meeting on July 19 will hear public comment and there's a survey thos interested can take

Canby Area Transit (CAT) is preparing its project list for the new transit funding created by Oregon House Bill 2017.

The bill established a public transportation payroll tax that will collect a 1/10 of 1 percent tax on employee wages. The new funding source is referred to as the Statewide Transit Improvement Fund (STIF).

In order to qualify for STIF funding projects must be described in a local plan. In late 2017, CAT approved an updated Transit Master Plan. This plan lists three phases of projects. Phase 1 is already underway.

Expanded hours of service on the Route 99X were implemented in April of 2018. The Canby Herald.

The projects listed in the plan are as follows:

Phase 2: add Saturday Trips to the Route 99X or add a local circulator route within Canby.

Phase 3: add more weekend service on the Route 99X or add weekend service within Canby.

New Saturday service will require CAT to hire more drivers and dispatchers. A new local circulator route will require CAT to hire more drivers and purchase new buses. It will take longer to implement a local circulator route than it will to implement Saturday service. Historically, support for Saturday or weekend service has been somewhat stronger than support for a local circulator route. The City of Canby is seeking community input as to the priorities of these projects. Which should CAT implement first?

CAT has prepared a short survey and will hold a public meeting July 19. English to Spanish interpretation will be provided at the meeting on July 19.

The meeting will be held in the Canby City Council Chambers at 222 NE 2nd Avenue in Canby. The survey will be available online at and in paper format on the buses and at the CAT office. If you would like to help distribute the survey and/or the meeting notice please contact us at 503.266.4022.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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