Canby Garden Club names its July 2018 Yard of the Month - Chuck and Charlotte Hammack

It took a while, but Chuck and Charlotte Hammack turned their home, and yard, into something pretty special.

So special, in fact, that it has been named the Canby Garden Club Yard of the Month for July.

The couple moved to Canby in 1987 and started turning the property at 747 NW 12th Ave. in Canby into something they envisioned.

"The house was a mess," said Charlotte. "It was a Japanese style with turned-up corners and a lot of overgrown pines."

It took time, but the couple completely transformed the property, getting help from their son, who does landscaping.

"We worked together and he helped pick out a lot of it," said Chuck.

There are but two or three original trees remaining, the Japanese lace leaf in the front and the tall red leaf maple in back.

Charlotte and Chuck Hammack enjoy time outside in their yard.

"We don't like clutter, we like order," said Chuck. "It took a while to finally clear it all out before we could get started."

And once they got started, the property began to take shape. The yard now boasts an assortment of plants and flowers, among them hydrangeas, hostas, clematis, black mondo grass, yellow ornamental grass, arborvitae on three sides to frame the yard and provide privacy, Hinoki tree, rhododendrens, boxwood, Japanese snowbell tree, spirea, and more.

"I'm getting more into perennials," said Charlotte. "It's a bit like Christmas, they come up each year and show you what they are. I enjoy that. He (Chuck) got after me because I kept bringing things home."

Overall, the couple have a 10,000-square-foot lot that offers plenty to see and enjoy. The backyard features areas with a relaxing bubbler fountain and, of course, plenty of plant life.

"Ever since we've been married, we've always kept a nice yard. I get that from my parents, we've always kept a nice yard," said Chuck.

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