Canby fire, police set up First Responders non-profit to help in case of emergencies

Canby police and fire departments have a heart to help those in need. To help that cause, they set up a 501.C3 nonprofit about a year ago to help when need or disaster strikes.

The Dr. Richard Davies Fund, also known as the First Responders Fund, takes the money that used to come from donations to the Chaplin's Fund to help people within the area who are stranded, who need clothes, need a place to stay, to replace items such as a computer for school or business use or to take people who need help to relatives that can help them, said Fire Chief Jim Davis.

These people may need something as small as a tank of gas or a battery or something as large as a couple of nights in a motel or even an appliance that was destroyed or stolen. There are myriad uses for the funds, depending on need.

"Yesterday, we got a 911 call for assistance. They didn't need an ambulance, but needed to get to Milwaukee to a relative's home for help. We called for an Uber to get them there and spent $20," Davis said. "There are no questions asked. But we don't hand out cash. There's cases where kids need clothes or a beloved stuffed animal is gone, it won't actually replace the item but will help the child. Once, when a fire destroyed a computer a student needed for school, we got him a new computer."

Funds typically are given out in cards for $100 or for $500, depending on what is needed.

The non-profit fund currently has $10,000 in its coffers, but they can always use more. In fact, Davis said they will take any money folks are willing to give; from $1 to $1 million. Each donation is tax deductible and can be mailed or dropped off at the police or fire stations. The Canby Fire Station is located at 221 South Pine St. or the Police Department is located at 1175 NW 3rd Ave. Checks should be made out to the Dr. Richard Davies Fund.

Dr. Richard Davies is a retired doctor from Canby. He is a member of the First Responders board along with the organization's president Ray Keen, executive director of the Canby Center, Police Chief Bret Smith and Chief Davis among others.

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