Hot day stays cool for Garden Club celebration tea in an elegant garden setting

COURTESY PHOTO - Gail Gould enjoys her time at the anniversary party.

The Canby Garden Club held its 70th anniversary party on July 22 in the beautiful garden of David and Louise Dodge. About 55 people attended and had a wonderful time visually and food-wise with everyone getting an attendance prize, said Cathy Rae Smith, club president.

The garden itself provided a visual landscape with flowers reminding people of the gardens at Versailles as well as English and Italian gardens. There is a large pond with water lilies and fountains and a tea house and gazebo. Everything is surrounded by roses, all of which are labeled with their names. At the end of the tea, Louise Dodge took people on a tour of the garden.

Music greeted those attending by the Mellow Tones. Kitty and Luke Moore donated their time and music. She formerly sang with a big band and with Mel Torme. They like to perform for different groups and have entertained soldiers and sailors from the Wounded Warrior Project.

COURTESY PHOTO - Canby Garden Club held their 70th Anniversary tea on July 22.

Those that came to the party got more than they bargained for; food included all kinds of different teas, scones, salads, sandwiches and numerous desserts. And everyone got a gift for attending. Donated by the Canby Kiwanis, Cutsforth's Thriftway and David Dodge.

"There were gift baskets put together by Sue Clones along with plants and gift cards. It was really a nice assortment," said Smith. Clones is a garden club member who does publicity and works as a historian.

While preparing for the tea and going over the club's history, Smith said she was amazed that although they had planned the tea to celebrate their anniversary.

"We found the club had teas every year for a couple of decades. It's important that we honor our history and embrace the future," Smith said.

A couple of years ago, the Oregon Department of Transportation asked the club to landscape 99E and they've been working on it.

"Our long-term goal is to make Canby what it can be," said Clones, "to beautify it and make it a garden spot. I'd like to decorate every intersection."

Right now the gardeners are working on making and keeping Canby beautiful.

"I really love Canby and the spirit of those living here," Smith added. "It's a garden spot and we are working on transferring [Highway] 99 E into a beautiful lush part of Canby," she said.

Last fall when the group was planting roses along 99E as part of their multi-year beautification project, there were scouts from two troops and firefighters helping them. One youngster wanted to know why they were doing the project.

"And a firefighter said, 'We're helping make a better place and you're part of it.' That really touched me, and it's what is being done and why. I believe Canby is a garden spot that has a wonderful community and spirit," Smith said.

The club recently received a grant from the Hardy Plant Society and Clones hopes other area businesses can help it with donations. Meanwhile the city's Rotary Club, which also has an agreement with ODOT is working on cleaning up the litter on the highway. Both Rotary and Canby's Kiwanis help the club with its beautification efforts.

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