All three suspects have prior convictions and may be linked to other area burglaries

HERALD PHOTO: TANNER RUSS - Canby's Wild Hare Saloon was burglarized on Tuesday, July 31.

Canby Police captured three men early Tuesday morning in connection with a burglary at the Wild Hare Saloon, which involved the removal of a 300-pound safe from the building.

At 4:33 a.m. on Tuesday, July 31, Wild Hare Saloon owner Joan Monen and Darren Monen received a call from their alarm company, informing them there was activity inside the restaurant, Joan said. She asked the company to dispatch Canby police.

Joan told The Herald that more times than not, these calls have been false alarms. But technology revealed that something was really going on inside the restaurant that morning.

"The thing that was in our favor from the very get-go is that my husband was able to get on his phone and see that there was an actual person in the building," Joan said.

She then called 911 to alert police that there was a suspect inside.

MARION COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE - Silas Scott.By the time Darren arrived at the restaurant, Canby Police Sergeant Scott Farmer's canine Deorak had captured a suspect.

Police found the Wild Hare's 300-pound Liberty safe in the field behind the restaurant and a car parked between Walgreens and Space Age Fuel, according to Joan. They quickly made one more arrest and later a third.

Security camera footage revealed that two of the suspects had been inside the building, and a third had apparently been keeping watch.

MARION COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE - Richard Berlin"I'm disgusted watching the video of them inside my business," Joan said. "It just makes my stomach turn into knots."

With the three arrests, Canby Police Lieutenant Jorge Tro said police believe they caught all involved suspects.

"I'm just really glad that we caught them," Joan said. "And the Canby Police—they take everything so serious. They're just professional and great to work with. I can't say enough good things about them."

Suspects Richard Berlin, Jacob Allen and Silas Scott were arrested and booked into county jails on charges of theft, burglary and criminal mischief. At least two of the suspects are also charged with possession of a burglary tool, since they were seen carrying crow bars.

CLACKAMAS COUNTY SHERIFF'S OFFICE - Jacob AllenAllen is being held in Clackamas County Jail with bail set at $40,000 and the other two are being held in Marion County Jail as they have violated parole from previous crimes. Bail is set at $50,000 for Berlin and no bail is allowed for Scott.

Court records reveal all three suspects have criminal history, primarily in Marion County. According to Tro, they also are possibly tied to other burglaries in the area.

Tro confirmed a break-in recently took place at Canby's Dairy Queen that police are investigating.

"Dairy Queen was broken into, and we are looking into if there's any connections to the Wild Hare burglary," Tro said. "At this point we do not know for sure."

Tro said the captures on Tuesday were the result of a group effort on the part of the Monens' security cameras and reporting, the work of Canby police and help from Clackamas County Sheriff's Office.

"Cameras or alarms always help," Tro said. "That way they were notified and then notified us to respond. So we highly recommend security systems for businesses or homes, or cameras, because even if they do get away, camera systems are great because we could see what happened."

Police do not know if the suspects in the Wild Hare burglary had scoped out the restaurant beforehand or if it was a random act.

"I think you're always like, 'Why me?' " Joan said. "They're obviously not from around here, so they know nothing about my business…This is the third one in 13 years, and it's scary that it escalated to burglary—that they actually broke in to get my safe."

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