Canby Garden Club tabs the Zamora yard as something special and the August Yard of the Month

The beauty in the yard of Maria and Jose Zamora has been a 17-year journey. But it's been a journey well worth the trip.

The Zamora home at 759 S. Lupine St. in Canby has been named the Canby Garden Club's Yard of the Month for August.

The stand-out features to the yard and garden are the strong pops of color and the sculpted shrubbery.

"I like to see my house stand out from the others," said Maria.

The couple have completely changed the landscape (and house color) and is in constant transition as things are moved, added, and deleted. It's a work in progress that continually delights the senses.

There's a lot to like in the yard of Maria and Jose Zamora. They were selected as the August recipient of the Canby Garden Club's Yard of the Month award.

In all, the couple has lived in Canby for 22 years, settling here because they liked the small, quiet town charm of Canby. Maria grew up in Mexico and took the colorful influences of her home with her as she settled in Canby. She said her wish was to have a distinctive, colorful garden when she grew up.

The couple looks for trees and shrubs that are smaller and Jose has spent the years sculpting them.

"In winter, if it snows, I like seeing them like that, they look really nice," said Jose.

While much of what they accomplish comes from their own imaginations, Maria also liked to gather ideas from other houses, as well as from her years working in nurseries and landscaping. She just added a section of river rock with succulents, inspired by a dry riverbed detail she recently saw.

And the couple gets a little help with their creations, courtesy of their daughter, Aliah.

"My mother loves color, especially red. She also loves hanging baskets, one of her favorites. She keeps everything looking nice, removing any dry leaves and watering either early each morning or in the evening," said Aliah.

The couple has two grown sons with families of their own, and they stop by to help with projects from time to time. Family members routinely give Maria plants for her garden.

Maria said people walking by often stop to comment on the garden and ask if the back is as nice as the front. With a big smile, she responds, "Oh, yes, of course."

Plants include colorful hanging baskets in front and back, roses, Japanese maples, yellow cedars, piurus (yellow shrubs), dragon's breath (red flowering plants), cannas, elephant ears, wisteria over a new archway, and countless other perrenials and annuals.

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