A plethora of cakes, cookies, breads, jellies and more are scrutinized before the fair opens

It was a foodie's dream -- long tables covered with cakes, cookies, breads, rolls, jams, jellies and other tasty treats all laid out for about 40 judges to taste and try to determine which ranked first, second or third and which was the best of those.

Even though the Clackamas County Fair hadn't opened on Monday, Aug. 13, the judges were ready to taste everything that some very good bakers had entered.

By the time they were finished, and it took them nearly five hours, nearly everything had disappeared. Some got lucky and managed to take home half loaves of yeast breads and cakes, cookies, regular cakes, quick breads and other baked goodies. The frosted cakes were cut in half, one of which was saved for the cake walk that will be held on Aug. 15 at 4 p.m. Pieces of some of the tasted halves were sent to good homes too.

The top three of what appeared to be thousands of cookie winners were being placed into glass cases for viewing with their winning ribbons showing. These will be shown throughout the fair. The cakes were placed in coolers.

Some of the jams were quite unique. There were a couple that gave the tasters had a hard time choosing, a pineapple mango that was only slightly surpassed by a yellow plum ginger that was to die for.

All in all it was quite a feast for the eyes and the soft palettes and even for an artist that walked by with an eye to the colors.

Carol Rosen
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