The former Canby Main Street manager was recently tabbed to replace Renate Mengelberg

Change is afoot in Canby's Economic Development Department. With the retirement of Renatte Mengelberg, former Main Street Manager Jamie Stickel has taken over as economic development director for the town.

It's a new role, but one she said she's excited about.

"I'm very excited, I feel ready," Stickel said. "We've had a long transition which has been tremendously helpful. I think that one of my first tasks is just reintroducing myself to the community in a different way."

Stickel noted that there are plenty of projects in place within the city and she's ready to continue the work her predecessor has begun.

"I'm excited to continue," she said. "Renate brought great ideas and information and projects to the job and I'm excited to take those and put my own spin on them."

While projects are in the pipeline for Stickel to manage moving forward, she pointed to developing a new strategy to focus on tourism and using the new transient room tax effectively.

She said she is anxious to be part of helping that plan develop and the kind of marketing that will come from it.

The chance to continue working with Canby's business community – expanded business community, is also something she's looking forward to. As Main Street manager, her focused tended to be on Canby's downtown. Now, she noted, she gets to expand her reach to businesses throughout the city.

"I love this community and I'm looking forward to working with more businesses and community organizations with an eye to the future and seeing what the possibilities are," Stickel said. "I want to get the tourism plan developed, continue to work to build out the industrial park and find businesses that are the right fit for this community. I want to help bring businesses to this community that will provide living wage jobs and want to be part of our community. I think that's what Canby wants – businesses with a sense of community."

As for Main Street, there will be changes coming soon. The job of Main Street manager will be retooled as economic development and tourism coordinator. Stickel said there will be a hire for that in the near future.

"I think what this will do is allow us to be able to take some of the projects and promotions we already do and open them up city-wide," Stickel said. "We've got a tremendous base of small businesses that are creative and unique, but opening this up for businesses throughout Canby will really strengthen our business base and customer base as well.

Stickel said that Main Street allowed her to really delve in the community, something she's enjoyed. As the program she piloted transitions into a broader spectrum, she said it was a program that helped her fall in love with Canby.

"I've enjoyed becoming part of this community, it has been my home for six years," she said. "To be able to really know the citizens and businesses and events and be a small part of the many things that happen in Canby is something I love. My love for Canby has gone to a new level."

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