Career criminal allegedly robs music store, arrested for robbery and theft among others

COURTESY PHOTO - Douglas Wayne DunnDouglas Wayne Dunn was arrested for robbery and theft at the Canby Music Store on Aug. 3.

Dunn appears to be a career criminal with a background of a number of crimes in his 44 years, according to sources involved. Prior to the music store robbery, he was arrested last January for possession of methamphetamine, according to Brian Haines, owner of the music store and online court records.

Dunn apparently entered the store around 2:15 p.m., took two guitars and began to leave, when the manager tried to stop him. Dunn then tripped and hit the manager, who then ran after the robber. A few onlookers stepped in to help along the way. They managed to stop and detain Dunn until the police showed up. The two guitars together were worth about $2,400, according to Haines.

Currently, Dunn is in jail and Canby Police Lt. George Tro was unsure how long he would be there, whether there would be a trial or if Dunn would plead guilty. His arrest contains a large number of accusations including robbery in the third degree, theft in the first degree, assault in the fourth degree, harassment and a parole violation. The parole violation alone could send him back to prison, according to Lt. Tro. The weapon's charge stems from using a guitar to strike the manager.

"I'm trying to make this the last time he's arrested," said Haines. He wants to see that "a career criminal" isn't going to bother anyone again.

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