Kids, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, roosters and a duck show off their costumes at the Clackamas County Fair

HERALD PHOTO:CAROL ROSEN -  Emma Neptune, 8, is from Canby. Her 2-year old chicken is named BunBun.

It might have been the last day of the fair, but you wouldn't know that at the small animal ring. It was there that kids brought their animals dressed in the latest fashions with some of their persons dressed to match.

Nearly 30 animals donned clothes of some sort for the occasion including various chickens and roosters, a duck, all kinds of rabbits and a bunch of guinea pigs including one calico that was very small. They were dressed as video games, cowboys, magicians, Annie Oakley who carried a rifle, rainbows, horses, brides, stories, babies and even the Easter Bunny showed up with eggs. Many wore hats that they tried and succeeded to get off their heads, much to their owners' consternation.HERALD PHOTO: CAROL ROSEN  - Casey Rickster, 6, and Theo are from Colton. Theo makes things disappear.

A large crowd of parents, siblings and just onlookers surrounded the small animal ring as Karen O'Neil introduced each human participant, asked them their names and how they determined what their animals were wearing and why. It wasn't just that the animals looked adorable, their owners were by turns shy, very proud and cute. It appeared some of these young people, whose average age was under 10, just loved these small animals. Except in the case of the duck, which was a large animal, especially against the tiny guinea pigs. However, the duck was very patient and may have been very hot wearing what appeared to be a full body suit.

These young folks are quite clever, they named their animals with wit and intelligence. For example, there was one rabbit named JJ Hops, a bunny, a couple named after myths like Troy probably after Helen of, Ranger and BunBun. Also noteworthy was Theo a very smart bunny who makes things disappear.

Each participant received a ribbon to acknowledge their work and wore smiles. No animals were hurt during the demonstration, most were removed out of the sun and full body suits to prevent them from overheating.

Carol Rosen
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