Exciting heats lead to the final with the winning rabbit going after the winning cavy in a chew-off

It was rabbits versus guinea pigs at the Clackamas County Fair on Aug. 15. Two heats of these animals eating baby carrots were followed by the Chew-off where the cavy handily beat the rabbit. This year's winning rabbit dethroned the bunny that was the winner the past two years.

There were four guinea pigs in the first heat, which featured a real race between Petunia, the winner, and Molalla's own Snickerdoodle. Owned by Lillian Jones, 11, Snickerdoodle lost by a nose. Lillian attends Molalla Elementary.

Then came the bunnies; at least eight competed to be the top carrot eater including the winner from the past two years. But this year's winner turned out to be Twinkle, a young bunny and his owner Peyton Reed from Estacada. Twinkle downed the carrot faster than any of the other bunnies.

This race also featured Millie, who is four months old and belongs to Cale Deroberts who spends half her life in Canby with her father.

PIONEER PHOTO: CAROL ROSEN - Twinkle the rabbit refuses her carrot, while Petunia the guinea pig scarfs hers down.

The Chew off between Petunia, the guinea pig, and Twinkle, the bunny, actually was no contest. Twinkle turned her nose up at the carrot and wouldn't even take a bite while Petunia scarfed down her second carrot. There was ample discussion about why the winning bunny wouldn't eat; perhaps it was too soon after her heat, she knew carrots were like candy for animals or she maybe was on a diet?

Emcee Karen O'Neil, who has been hosting these contests for 15 years, decided that next year there would be a 5-minute break between the bunny heat and the chew off.

Carol Rosen
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