Picking up after pets can take on a whole new meaning with company's innovative idea

Having pets is a wonderful experience. Dogs love families and cats sometimes are gentle and loving. However, there's one part of having animals that isn't really fun or appealing and that's cleaning up after them.

That's why there's Green Pet Compost Service.

They do the work for you once or twice a week and then compost it and sell it to individuals or give it to charities for grounds and gardens.

The weekly service comes to your house and picks up the waste from your lawn or deck and even sanitizes the deck if necessary.

The Canby Herald.

People who enjoy walking their dogs can buy a box of 100 compostable bags. Dog owners get a 2- or 5-gallon bucket depending on your dog.

Cat owners get two buckets, one filled with clean non-clay cat litter and the other to dump everything from the litter box into.

Cindy Corning is the driver that works in the Canby area, the farthest south the service goes. "No one else does what we do," she said. A full time driver in the area, she's been with the firm for eight years. There's also a part time driver. Together they cover Portland, Beaverton and Tigard down to Wilsonville and Canby.

From here the remains are placed in a storage facility here and then it's taken to the firm's headquarters in Gig Harbor, Wash. for composting. Each month the service delivers from 12,000 to 14,000 pounds of waste to be composted.

"Our service keeps the poop and any plastic bags it's stored in out of landfills," says Steve Dreiling, CEO. He stresses that only the firm's truly compostable bags, made from corn, can be used because these are totally biodegradable. Other bags are not truly compostable, he says, "they don't compost in our system and are still there at the end."

The worst possible time to collect the dog's business is during the winter with its healthy dropping of rain. "Boots are a necessity and it's hard to get out of the grass," she said. Second to that, Corning adds, is collecting from dogs who like to disappear into the bushes to do their business.

One perk of the service is a card the drivers leave once they've done their pickups. It lets each dog parent know if the dog is having any health problems.

"We leave a note with the time and date and let them know if anything is wrong. I have one dog that eats socks. Every Friday, this dog leaves the nylon socks he's eaten," Corning told the Herald.

The cards are especially important during the winter when owners just let their dogs out and don't see that their pets are sick, Dreiling said.

Green Pet provides everything the pet owner needs for this job. The firm's compostable bags, for those that like to walk their dogs are $10.95 for 100. Dreiling said it's about the same price as other bags, "and our bags only take a couple of months to decompose."

The prices for pick up from the yard are $14.95 for one dog per week and $18.95 for two. Each dog after that is another $2 per week. They also receive a bucket in which to place the used bags.

Cat people can get two buckets, one filled with non-clay litter and the other for dirty litter. Cindy says she uses the compostable bags to cover one of the buckets for the dirty litter. People just place the dirty litter in the bucket and she picks it up on her rounds. A 2-gallon bucket is $6.45, while a 5-pound is $7.75

The composted material is tested several times per year to ensure there are no pathogens.

Besides homes, Green Pet also serves Doggie Day Cares, boarding facilities and even businesses. For more information, contact the company at 877-379-0005 or check the internet at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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