Mayor asks for council member input regarding Clackamas County Coordinating Committee choices

Among the business discussed at the Sept. 5 Canby City Council meeting is the potential increase to vehicle registration fees for Clackamas County. Mayor Brian Hodson, who received the information at a recent Clackamas County Coordinating Committee meeting, wanted input from council members as to what they believed would be the right direction to take.

Council members faced two positions. One that took the traditional route and the other that took a newer, non-traditional or strategic one. Basically, members decided that they would most like to see the situation take a traditional 60-40 route.

Under the traditional split, the county will receive 60 percent of the vehicle registration fees and cities get 40 percent of the new $25 or $30 increase. But a potential and new strategic method would allow the county to take money off the top and then apply the 60-40 split. Council members questioned how that top amount would be split and worried that it would go to bigger cities instead of smaller, more rural ones like Canby.

"I think it needs to be checked out," said Tim Dale, council president. "I have little confidence that the strategic fund would help Canby and we would see little benefit from it," he added.

"I hesitate on the strategic fund because I think it will provide few benefits for Canby. We are geographically isolated, there will be fewer benefits for us and more for cities like Lake Oswego, West Lynn and Wilsonville," Sarah Spoon said.

"What I'm hearing here is some concern that the bigger cities might not play nice with the smaller cities," said Hodson. "But sometimes, the smaller/rural cities can gang up on the big cities," he quipped.

Another part of the discussion was what to charge for electric vehicles. Earlier in the deliberations that included hybrid vehicles. But Tracie Heidt noted that hybrids use gas, which contains a road tax while electric models do not. Members agreed that hybrids would get a $25 or $30 hike in registration fees while electric vehicles would get a $45 increase.

Other news included a short presentation from Fire Chief Jim Davis thanking residents for not doing any open burning and asking that citizens continue to refrain from burning and even charcoal BBQs until the extreme, hazardous dry situation is over. The department will signal to all when open burning can begin.

"Nothing is allowed," he said. "Even a small cigarette butt can hit the grass and start a burn that will travel into the park and surrounding houses. Small fires can become large very quickly," Davis said.

Chief Davis also mentioned the bond issue that will be on the November ballot. The department will provide information to council members at their Sept. 19 meeting. Fire fighters also will discuss the bond issue at a town hall at Gwynn's Coffee House.

Janet Bailey was appointed to the Traffic Safety Commission for a period ending June 30, 2020. She currently is VP and CCO for Direct Link. Her background has been in the customer service industry with large companies and she says she has developed extensive leadership skills. She learned about the position while watching a City Council meeting on the web.

"I want to be a part of my community where I can add a perspective, having lived in many places, but also embrace what is unique and special about Canby. I think we need to understand growth is inevitable and therefore find ways to evolve out community with those changes that benefit everyone," she said in her application.

The council passed a resolution adopting Canby Area Transit's 2018 Civil Rights Program Title VI, limited English proficiency plan and repealing resolution 1200. They also unanimously passed Ordinance 1492 a second time authorizing Mayor Hodson and/or City Manager Rick Robinson to execute an immediate opportunity fund agreement with Oregon's Department of Transportation for the reconstruction of the intersection of N Elm Street and OR-99E in an amount not to exceed $137,951.

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