Three sessions of intense, but fun Lego building produce Harry Potter's wizarding school

HERALD PHOTO: CAROL ROSEN - (From the left) Blair Archer from Oregon City, hides 8-year old Oliver Barrington from Lake Oswego, to his left is Cole Sanders, 12, from Albany—the tall boy in the red shirt, Andrew Swires, 9, from Salem, Taylor, Dianne Kostur from Tigard who happens to be five-year old Daniel Swires grandmother—he's partially hidden by 7-year old Carter Henricks, 7, from Sherwood and Carter's dad Chris Henricks.
It was the last day of August when Bricks & Minifigs invited three sets of Lego lovers to the store to build Hogwarts Castle. One of a series of monthly activities held by the store, it was timed to coincide with the release of 12 new Harry Potter themed sets and the re-release of older sets and games as well as Fantastic Beasts.

The three 90 minute sessions were scheduled at noon, 2:30 and 5 p.m. and were done at a large table allowing 15 children, along with some parents and grandparents, to participate. When finished, they had a superb replica of the Witch and Wizarding School.

But the sessions didn't just end after 90 minutes, the fun went on as the kids got to take home a small kit containing a figure they could enhance with a head, hair, an animal companion, a chocolate frog, a potion and gold. Each also got a packet of jelly beans, likely without the vomit one. Each child in the first and third groups also got a Gryffindor tile, while the middle group each got a tile from Slytherin House.

Most of the kids participating seemed adept at handling Legos, especially Cole Sanders, who told the Herald that "I am a dedicated Lego and Harry Potter fan." Evan Taylor, who comes from Independence turned 11 and was enjoying his birthday doing one of his favorite things.

Bricks & Minifigs owner David Thornton and Blair Archer, the Lego program lead for libraries in this area, put together the idea. While friends, it's the first time the two have worked together to put on this event. Thornton typically holds an event like this monthly, but with school starting its likely they will have to be held on Friday nights or Saturdays if no birthday party is planned. Other events included an Easter egg hunt and a racing car derby, for examples.

Thornton sends out emails once a month from the mailing list to notify customers of the event. The store is located at 250 SW 1st Ave.

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